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Sunice Sports: Performance Apparel for an Active Life

Scientific innovation meets cutting-edge style with Sunice clothing for men and women. Shop our catalog to find just the right fabrics and special features to focus on your game. Regulate your body climate with waterproof, lightweight layers and technically-engineered fabrics. Whether you're looking for comfort stretch golf shirts, or Gore-Tex jackets and rain pants, count on Sunice to deliver the finest in today's activewear.

Sunice stands for excellence in performance and style. From outfitting teams in the Winter Olympics to being the go-to brand for the world’s greatest golfers, we have led the ski and golf apparel industry in expertise, functionality and innovation for more than 40 years.

A meeting in 1976 between a clothing designer and a manufacturer of emergency services uniforms began what is now known as the ultimate supplier of performance apparel for men and women. Thanks in a large part to an unwavering responsibility to design superior technical layering systems chosen for their unique properties in specific weather conditions.

Driven by passion and enthusiasm for cutting-edge technology and design, Sunice continues to advance in achieving the latest performance outerwear, layering systems and sportswear for wherever your favorite sport or activity takes you. And like our customers, we're always looking forward to next season.


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