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Its all about the JOurney and the experiences along the way that define our style. The brand character is a true fabric of East Coast Classic meets SoCal Lifestyle.

I think in order for anybody to understand why the johnnie-O brand was created, they might need to know a little something about yours truly. I spent most of my time growing up on the north shore of Chicago in a town called Winnetka, a place where blue blazers, khaki pants, and “alligator” shirts were pretty much the norm. Ten years later I moved to Los Angeles to attend UCLA. Suddenly, I saw fewer blue blazers and more corduroy OP shorts. Needless to say, my penny loafers got a lot less play than my new flip flops.

Upon graduating from college, I moved back to the Midwest. But before I knew it, I was back on a plane to Los Angeles, and I haven’t looked back since.


- John O'Donnell, Founder

When we sit down every season and hash out our offerings we have one main focus in mind - high quality. It’s what the johnnie-O guy has come to expect, and we’re not interested in offering anything but the best.

Aside from the quality, there’s something extra special about a johnnie-O garment. We like to call it our ‘top spin’. To put a quick hammer on a nail here, it’s about that unexpected, but much appreciated add-on feature. Take our patented Tweener Button® for example. It’s a tiny button with a huge impact that’s been a serious game changer for any guy that’s come in contact with it. We just keep pushing that button…literally.

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Green Grass Fall
2024 Catalog

Johnnie O Green Grass Fall 2024.jpg

Green Grass Spring
2024 Catalog

johnnie-O Green Grass Spring 2024.jpg

Big & Tall Spring
2024 Catalog

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Specialty Fall
2024 Catalog

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Boys Line Spring
2024 Catalog

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2024 Catalog

Johnnie-O Corpotate Cataglog 2024.jpg

Wholesale Catalogs & Forms

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