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Röhnisch was first founded in 1945 by Hellmut Röhnisch, a German born entrepreneur who emigrated to Sweden in the 1930s. Hellmut won the Swedish gold medal in Gymnastics in 1945, the same year he founded Röhnisch as a supplier in Gymnastics equipment. Since 2002, Röhnisch has focused on becoming one of the leading Activewear brands for Women, by Women. Our long history of product innovation and refined women’s designs is what constantly keeps us in the forefront. Röhnisch offers Activewear and Golfwear to women of all shapes and sizes, never compromising style for function and with sustainability at heart. As a female brand specialist with an all-female design team, we pride ourselves in making women feel confident, comfortable and strong

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Fall 2023 Catalog

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Spring 2024 Catalog

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Wholesale Catalogs & Forms

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