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U.S. Kids Golf

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U.S. Kids Golf

U.S. Kids Golf, LLC was started in 1996 to solve the problem its founder, Dan Van Horn, experienced when getting his sons, ages 5 and 8, into golf. "They were enthusiastic at first, but their interest quickly dropped. They weren't having fun," Van Horn recalls. "At the time, I didn't realize that cutoffs and junior clubs were too heavy; they were not only hurting my kids' swings but also their desire to play."


That's when the former golf professional and engineer began developing Ultralight kids clubs, which were designed to be 25% lighter than adult and most junior clubs. Van Horn soon started U.S. Kids Golf, a company dedicated to making golf easier for kids to learn and enjoy. Since then, parents and golf professionals worldwide have seen the incredible difference that lightweight and correctly fit clubs have made in their young player's swing and enthusiasm for the game. Today, the company is the world's leading provider of equipment and services for young players.


U.S. Kids Golf offers eleven sizes and three models of clubs, with all players fit by height and skill instead of age. Hats, shirts, gloves, balls, and other golf-related accessories are also designed specifically for young players.

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Ultralight 7

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Learn about the benefits of Ultralight 7

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